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 Graphic Rules

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PostSubject: Graphic Rules   Thu May 17, 2007 1:10 pm

Graphics Category Rules (Latest updates marked in grey)

1. If you are not going to give constructive critisism, don't post at all - Do not reply to alteration posts with things like: bad. If you think somebody's alt is bad then tell them how to improve it and actually help.

2. Everyone has a right to make alts, don't say otherwise - Everybody is allowed to make alterations if they want, posts like 'Stop making alterations!' are not allowed on any level and will get you into trouble.

3. Do not post gory or vulgar images - This includes lots of blood, real of pixel art and pictures of a sexual nature.

4. Do not ask your alteration to be moved to the Elite alterations section - Moderators will move what alterations they think deserve to go there, it is their decision not yours.

5. Don't be rude about people's alterations - Try to give constructive criticism instead of blatantly being rude towards somebody due to their alteration skills.

6. Don't use other peoples alterations without permission - Only use other peoples alterations with permission as this will cause a lot of fuss if you do not have permission.

7. Don't shout at somebody to remove their alteration because it is stolen - If you find a stolen image that someone is using and claiming is theirs without permission, PM a Graphics category moderator and we will sort it out.

8. Don't accuse anybody of stealing an alteration without proof - Also, when you are posting an alteration that has some parts of someone elses alteration you must state this otherwise you may end up getting in trouble.

9. Don't post competitions in the graphics section - If you have a really good idea you can PM "2hd." But you must never post them in the graphics section.

10. Don't ask for any kind of pay for alterations - There is no way we can be sure it is not a scam, if you are caught doing this there will be a punishment.

11. Follow the general Habbland rules

If you noticed any rules that should be listed here but are not, please PM a forum administrator.

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Graphic Rules
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