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 Trading Rules

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PostSubject: Trading Rules   Thu May 17, 2007 1:13 pm


Please Look Over Every Rule And Obide By Them

1) DO NOT POST COMMENTS - Do not react to posts made by others, except by saying if you accept or reject an offer if you are the person who started the thread. The ONLY forum where you are allowed to post comments in the Trading Category is the forum called: Questions/comments about trading or (rare) furni. Only post in the other trading forums if you are actually going to offer!

2) DO NOT POST A LOWER OFFER THAN SOMEBODY HAS ALREADY POSTED - If someone has offered Two hc sofas then please do not post an offer,offering one hc sofa!

3) POST YOUR TOPIC IN THE RIGHT FORUM - Do not post the wrong topic in the wrong forum for example; If you are posting about you selling your throne then post that in the RARE TRADING FORUM or if you want normals for your throne post it in TRADING NORMALS FOR RARES AND RARES FOR NORMALS!

4) ONLY SELL YOUR OWN FURNITURE AND RARES DO NOT ADVERTISE OTHER PEOPLES FURNITURE - Do not advertise a hc sofa when it doesnt belong to you,it belongs to your friend! Please tell your friend to join and sell his/her own peice of furniture! As This Can Cause Problems

5) DO NOT POST A TOPIC SELLING AN ITEM OR LOOKING FOR AN ITEM AND THEN NEVER CHECK THE POST AGAIN - If you post to sell a plasto chair and then seven people offer and you forget to check your post then this can cause alot of trouble for people! So please check your post!

6) DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONE THREAD OFFERING THE SAME FURNI - If you post to sell a piece of furni then make sure you do not post the same post again offering for the same furni, check back on your first post instead

*Contact a Admin if you Think rules Are missing..

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Trading Rules
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